It is awesome to read your report on my personal life path which has been prepared as a prophesy. I would like to express from my deep hooted heart that it exactly matches my life circle that fluctuated.
I am also highly excited how you could predict my life based on my date of birth alone.

I find that it is not just amazing knowing
one’s life path, but this marvelous art can change the context of life with
greater clarity, based on the suggestions it makes.

I am highly indebted to thank you from
my heart of heart that you are a service rendering person, because of the
invaluable messages included in the report. 


Thank You,


Tamilnadu, India

I wish to give my sincere TESTIMONY to the great work done by the Center For Metaphysical Research [CFMR} for providing
such a detailed account of my life enshrined in the Metaphysical Reports.

No one has ever been that accurate; in most
cases people do guess work but the reports made by CFMR had been genuine, distinct and easy to digest.

I wish CFMR more successes in its pursuits and contributions to humanity.

Christopher O. Soetan

Health Service Administrator [Rtd]

Northampton, United Kingdom.


This report is the most accurate by far, about 95-85 percent.  Almost everything fit me perfectly.  The report flowed easily from one point to the next and was the most accurate when describing my personality and aspects at the beginning of the report.  There were very few points that rang untrue, most of them resolving fairly quickly. You've got me!
Thanks again for these reports, they have been a pleasure to read and have helped me to understand myself a bit better!

Alex S.    USA

Writer & Poet


Lives may come and go,

In a numberless stream,

But only seemingly so.


Our breaths of life are numbered,

Our thoughts and the desires of our hearts,

In self-same fashion.


Whoever wishes to number his days,

And apply his mind unto wisdom,

May benefit from the numbers of the mystics.


Within the context of a 75 percent predestined life,

I can see that numbers from CFMR

Constitute a mirror for viewing life’s corners.


Klu Mlitsimlimu, (60years)

Ghana, West Africa.


The various metaphysical researches conducted by your noble Centre have, in no small way,
contributed to the wellbeing of humanity. I am particularly thrilled and abundantly educated by the various articles written by Julius Babarinsa. He has indeed taken his time to give his best to the society. Long live CFMR


Olawale Soetan

Northampton, UK.


"My hearty thanks to the Center For Metaphysical Research for preparing my personality report.

I am still in wonder how you could assess my character, attitude, friendship and my thoughts exactly.

Despite the fact that I live in a different continent from CFMR, it is still amazing how you could know all about me - simply from my name and date of birth.

Your report contained many things that are exactly matching to my life.

Thank you very much for taking much effort to prepare my report.

For sure, I can honestly introduce your vital service to many people. Take care

With Peace and Love,

Rajesh Lane

Lecturer in English

Maha College of Engineering

Salem, INDIA


No one is in more of need,

For CFMR than I.

No one has taken the risk,

To show CFMR a nakedness like this...

To prove to them,

I've come not in disguise.


Why do I appear,

Without charading masquerades?

Why have I not hesitated...

To reveal my soul?

In a way I am not afraid?


I am not seeking to impress.

I have a need to address,

My search for peace and happiness...

To release.

And that quality I desire,

Appears before my eyes!

Every deception has ceased

With CFMR,

Beholding such a gift.

And I wish to prove to them only...

That CFMR deserve all the praise!

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Author, Actor, Poet & Writer

Hartford, CT., USA



I was always kind of interested in metaphysics, but it didn’t seem to matter in the “real world.”  But my path in life had stalled – and I was so clueless, I didn’t even know what the mistakes were that I had made to not make them again! The Center for Metaphysical Research was a life-saver! They showed me who I am,
what makes me tick, and what path I was on. It’s almost like they were by mys ide for most of my life, watching and waiting for me to ask the questions!
From them, I learned what I needed to change, what I needed to keep, and how to prepare for my future! They don’t give you lectures or dogma like a religion – they give you “real world” information and encouragement, and make you see how you are one with the universe and that you have a mission in life, no matter how ordinary you think you are! I am now on the right path, and I am sure of it for the first time in my life! If I can learn from this website and from the personality analysis, I know *anyone* can, too!

And being a member means that I continue to learn and grow with guidance from people who really care what kind of person I want to be! I am proud to be a member. Thank you so much CFMR!


Kelly Rusinack

History Professor

Pennsylvania, USA