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Center For Metaphysical Research

I'm a firm believer in metaphysics and have been offering
psychic readings for 20+ years now. Always on the lookout for websites that
offer information, guidance, classes, or instructions on metaphysical subjects.
Center For Metaphysical Research is an excellent website for exploring your
inner self and higher self. They're mission is,"To assist human beings in
the journey of self-discovery and self-analysis so that they may find the road
to health, happiness, success and prosperity." We're are all deserving of
happiness, success, and prosperity, but there are so few who know how to
attract these energies. Instead, we stay poor, miserable, overweight, or just
getting by. Why should that be when we're all capable of greatness? 

The Center For Metaphysical Research has informative
articles such as, "Twelve Types Of People On Earth" and "If You
Could Turn Back The Clock." They also offer many reports you can receive
once you become a member--which only requires a donation. The reports include:
Complete and Detailed Profile plus Forecast, Pathfinder Report, Life Progress
Report, Personality Report, and access to the executive director. In all, you
will receive more than 200 pages of information that can help you on your path
in life. Who are you? Where are you going? What's your purpose? How can you
make changes? What do you truly want and how can you get it? These questions
and more can be answered when you pursue metaphysics.






There are times in
all of our lives when our focus is drawn deep. Deep within ourselves and deep
into the depths of the universe – which we often discover are one and the same.
Loss, grief, and transition are among the most common reasons for this, and the
sort of journey that this focus leads us on is dependent on a number of things;
how prepared we are to face what lies within us, to tend to our relationships
with what lies without, and to change – to grow into the people that we will
become. Guidance is needed on this journey to keep us from going astray and to
help to make our work in this realm productive positive. The Center for
Metaphysical Research at
exists to provide this guidance to all who seek it, and serves as a
clearinghouse for the knowledge gleaned by seekers worldwide over the

It is through
metaphysical learning and growth that all other aspects of our lives stem.
Professional growth, relationship growth, and all forms of personal growth
depend on our understanding not only of ourselves, but of our place within
creation. The Center for Metaphysical Research cannot provide all of the
answers, but rather, can help you to find one of the many paths that can lead
you to find them for yourself.

How can growth be
so tied to the metaphysical? All humans have specific, unique, and astounding
natural talents and abilities. For some of us, these abilities flower early,
through chance or an opportunity to develop and cherish them. For others among
us, our deepest and most profound abilities lie dormant, undiscovered because
we never bother – or knew how – to look for them. By knowing ourselves, and
examining how and why we move through our lives, we can find surprising and
life-changing insights regarding what we have been brought into being to do. By
following our strengths and allowing them to emerge to fullness, we are
surprised to find complete fulfillment. Why does this process lead to such
contentment? Because when we take the time to listen and learn, we can do the
work that no other person who has ever existed or will ever exist will be
capable of doing as well as us – we will fill the hole in the universe that was
cut just for us to fill.

And what about
relationships? What about our interactions with those around us? How can
turning inward possibly improve our outward behaviors? The Center for
Metaphysical Research at
has some guidance to offer here, as well. As you recognize your connection with
the universe, how you are inextricably linked with all creation, you will discover
two simple but paradigm-shattering realities. First, all of those around you
exist within, and as a part of, the universe to which you are linked. Second,
and perhaps more amazing, is that each and every person and animal that walks
the earth has within them the same deep connection to the universe that you are
only now coming to understand. Some do not know it – some may never know it –
but that this connection exists makes others an extension of ourselves, acting
in the best way that it knows how. By treating others with compassion and
kindness, you are simply taking care of yourself. This is heady stuff, to be
sure, and one can spend lifetimes examining it. If you’re ready to delve into
the subject, The Center for Metaphysical Research offers assistance and

REVIEW FROM - Meatbeagle 



Have you ever wondered why you were born on this world? Have you ever thought what have you done so far, and considered what have you accomplished in your life? Well ladies and gentleman, if you haven’t found the answer to those questions yet, I’m sure that the Center for Metaphysical Research (CFMR) has the answers for you. You can visit CFMR at The site contains some of the best articles consisting of poems about who we are and what to do according to the metaphysical realm. Not to mention the Full Profile package and readings on your life – it was simply accurate to me and helped me a lot to understand my mission in this life and how far have I gone to accomplish it. You’ll get all these benefits with just a little donation. In short, CFMR is worthy to be looked at for those who want to seek the truth about themselves and understand it better.




Center for Metaphisical Research

On May 23, 2011, in News, by BootyBass

If you want to succeed in your career, you should understand the talents, weaknesses, potential and opportunities that you have. Your life will feel easier if you know your destiny and your life purpose, predict future events and your luck. To know yourself better, the center for metaphysical research can help you analyze your fate, they are very professional in providing a complete analysis that is innovative, comprehensive and valid.