Can Numerology Change Your Life?

By the way, what is the meaning of this esoteric word called Numerology?
In the most simplistic terms, numerology is the metaphysical interpretation
of our birthdates as well as the numerical values of our birth names
Numerology decodes the alphabets in our names to numbers for interpretation
The day we were born endows us with certain natural powers
Similarly, our birth names influence our existence on earth

Many ask – what is the difference between Astrology and Numerology?
Astrology uses the configuration of the stars in the sky on the day we
were born to interpret, expound and elucidate human existence on earth
While numerology uses the metaphysical interpretation of our birthdates
and the numerical values of our birth names to illuminate, clarify and
explain our life's purpose and human existence on earth

Can numerology change your life?
Numerology can be used to reveal your strengths and weaknesses
It can pinpoint your natural talents and abilities
Numerology can identify your present and future potentials
It can locate all your hidden and latent natural powers

Some ask – who invented this esoteric science called numerology?
All we know is that numerology has been in use since time immemorial
The ancients have used numerology to advance their own knowledge
thereby gaining mastery over their own lives and the environment

Can numerology change your life?
A numerological analysis of your life can identify the traits to accentuate
It can reveal what type of behavior you should minimize and play down
It can help discover the specific natural powers you should maximize
It can pinpoint the exact character you need to capitalize on

Can numerology change your life?
Metaphysicians believe that any area of knowledge that helps to
explain the nature of human existence on earth is worth looking into
All circumstances considered, keep in mind that it is your own life
Please always remember to stay happy

© Julius Babarinsa