Let our Center be your mirror, your looking-glass as well as your reflection to truly and accurately tell you who you really are!

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Benefits of membership


1]  Complete and Detailed Profile plus Forecast

       [ your mission on this earth]

      - more than 150 pages


2]  Pathfinder Report – provides answers to the following questions:

     Who Am I? – Why Am I Here? – Where Am I Going? – How Will

     I Get There?    [30 – 35 pages]


3]  Life Progress Report – tracks Personal Progress and Development

      for the immediate two to three years.   [10 – 15 pages]


 4]  Personality Report  -  [ Know Thyself ]

      - 18 to 20 pages


5] Access to the Executive Director


Let us put several years of Metaphysical Research at your disposal.

One of the greatest satisfaction in life is to be sure-footed. To be

sure-footed means taking the right and correct steps at all times.

By knowing who we are and our mission on this earth, we can eradicate

and eliminate mistakes that usually plague human existence on earth.


All the benefits above are available with the Donation of 35.00usd

to the Center For Metaphysical Research



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