Our Beliefs

The Center For Metaphysical Research is built on FIVE PILLARS OF BELIEFS:

[ 1 ] We believe that all human beings are related to the Universe

[ 2 ] We believe that been born at a particular place in time, human beings arrive on this earth with specific talents and abilities plus identified strengths and weaknesses.

[ 3 ] We believe that metaphysics can assist human beings to discover their natural talents and abilities and as a result enable them to maximize their strengths and minimise their weaknesses. Therefore, by discovering and truly knowing who we are, human beings can avoid been the proverbial square pegs in round holes.

[ 4 ] We believe in love and affection, kindness and compassion, as well as, charity and philanthropy.

[ 5 ] We believe in total reverence for life - that all animals are our friends, as a result, nobody has the right to slaughter their friends for food. 

            *** if we ever happen to deviate or digress from our mission and beliefs, please do not hesitate to remind us.

Executive Director

Center For Metaphysical Research