[2.1] What Is Your Sign?

[2.2] Twelve Types Of People On This Earth!

[2.3]  The Rich and The Poor

[2.4]  If You Could Turn Back The Clock............

[2.5] What Do You Really Believe?




Have you ever met any human being

who does not know their sign of the zodiac?

We all pretend not to believe in astrology

Yet, we all know our astrological signs


What is your sign? We ask each other

Whenever many of us buy newspapers

the first thing we read is the horoscope section


Do the zodiac signs influence our destiny?

Are we puppets been manipulated by the stars?

Do the stars above determine our happiness?

Do our birthdates decide our fate on earth?


Then, how come twins born on the same day

Have different destinies and lifestyles?

Do you credit your success to your birthdate?

Or blame your failure on your astrological sign?


People born under the same zodiac sign

Are said to possess similar characteristics

It is also said that our zodiac sign determines

our compatibility with other fellows


Whether this is true or not, in most cases

we still decide who is or will be our wife, partner

husband, spouse, soul-mate or companion

If we end up making an erroneous decision

and our relationship end up in a divorce court


Shall we blame astrological incompatibility?

Or blame our shortsightedness and all the stars above

Many believe that astrology can compute probabilities

Therefore, nothing is carved in stone or infallible

All things been equal, it is worth looking into

Enjoy your life, good luck and happy destiny


© Julius Babarinsa



How can there be twelve types of people on this beautiful planet?

Before you dismiss this theory as a simplistic hypothesis

You have to look, consider and judge the facts


In western astrology, there are twelve signs of the zodiac

Which govern all people born from January to December

In other words, wherever you may be living on this earth

Regardless of your color, race, tribe, gender or language

You belong to one of the twelve astrological signs –

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


Even in eastern [Chinese] astrology, the zodiac is divided into

Twelve-year circle with each circle represented by an animal

That means, wherever you may be living on this earth

Notwithstanding your nationality, ethnicity, gender or society

You belong to one of the twelve animal signs –

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse,

Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig


Western astrology regard the signs of the zodiac as Sun Signs

Chinese astrology view the signs of the zodiac as Animal Signs

Is there any human being who does not know his or her Sun Sign?

Several people know both their Sun Signs and their Animal Signs


In western astrology, the date, time and place of birth are assumed

And believed to influence the destiny of human beings on earth

Whereas in Chinese astrology, it is the year of birth that is

Viewed as the dominant factor influencing human destiny on earth


Now that you agree that there are twelve types of people on this earth

You may ask – why is it hard for them to live together in peace?

Why do we have overflowing hatred and wars in many places?

Why can’t these twelve types of people just get-along?

Your answer is as good as mine. Until next time

Have a great day and remember to stay happy


© Julius Babarinsa



Everybody will like to be called a rich person

To be rich is to be labeled successful and prosperous

Many will call you affluent, high-class and wealthy


Nobody will like to be known as a poor creature

To be a poor creature is to be wretched and deprived

Many will tag you as underprivileged and a destitute

The poor are also labeled impoverished and lower-class


We all know that we live in a world of contrast

While some are born rich, many are born poor

Many princes and princesses are born into opulence

While the off-spring of refugees are born into poverty

Everybody knows that human fingers are not equal


The question here is – can the rich become poor?

On the other side of the coin – can the poor become rich?

There have been instances when the rich later become poor

The rich can become poor through massive gambling

The rich can become poor through ill-advised investments

The rich can become poor through reckless spending


Conversely, we have witnessed some poor becoming rich

The poor can become rich by winning the lottery

The poor can become rich through inheritance

The poor can become rich through savings and investments

The poor can become rich through marriage


Many ask – do the zodiac signs determine our fortune on earth?

The answer is negative as there are rich and poor in all signs

Others ask – does our place of birth determine our fortune?

Since we humans can migrate to other countries

There are no definite answers to linking our birth-place

to whether we are rich or poor on this earth


All said and done, we humans possess enough intelligence

to improve our fortune and have better existence on this earth

Whether you are rich or poor, always remember that

No condition is permanent. Good luck and happy destiny 


© Julius Babarinsa



Human life on earth is filled with series of omissions and blunders

Have you met anybody who has never made a mistake in their life?

Many people have done numerous things in their life

That they - in retrospect wish they should never have done

Several people have omitted to do some things in their life

That they - with hindsight wish they should have done


If you could turn back the clock

What would you have done differently?

What have you done in the past that you regretted doing?

If you could turn back the clock

What are the things you omitted to do in your life?

That you would like to do or do better


A politician who just lost an election

Wished he could have taken more care of his constituents

A student who failed the last examination in his college

Wished he could have studied harder and more seriously

A drunk driver who was involved in an accident

Wished he should never have consumed so much alcohol


If they could turn back the clock

Some men wish they could have waited for the right woman

They regretted been carried away by false love and infatuation


If they could turn back the clock

Few women wish they could have waited for the right man

Who would have treated them as a princess and a soul-mate?


If you could turn back the clock

What would you have done differently?

A pregnant school-girl would wish she could have been more careful

Instead of allowing herself to get lost with the passion of the moment


Are there any regrets in your own life?

Do you remember something you did wrong few years ago?

You wish you could go back and correct

If you could turn back the clock

What would you have done differently?

All said and done, please eat right, stay happy and enjoy your life


© Julius Babarinsa




It is a natural fact of life that we human beings believe in

one thing or another – either tangible or intangible

The belief system of individual is sometimes determined by

parental heritage, place of birth, religion and societal values


We all grow up believing in many things our parents believe in

By the time we finish high school, our belief system transforms

The transformation occurs through our perception of the society

as influenced by our daily contact with classmates and neighbors


By the time we graduate from colleges and universities

Our belief system metamorphosed to a new level

through our interactions and relationships with the society


What do you really believe?

It is a known fact that many people believe in a Supreme Being

Different names are attributed to this Supreme Being

The name varies from one geographical location to another

The name also differs from one religion to another

To several people, the Supreme Being in known as God

To many mystics, the Supreme Being is called Universal Intelligence


What do you really believe?

Numerous people believe it is allright to eat all kinds of foods

While some believe it is wrong to eat animals and animal products

These people called vegans say that all animals are our friends

Therefore, nobody has the right to slaughter their friends for food


What do you really believe?

Almost everybody believe in the power of money

to solve all their problems and end their difficulties

Some say, even if money cannot make you happy

at least, money will give you peace of mind


What do you really believe?

It is true that what we believe influences our overall perception

Our belief system affects our approach to work ethics

Our belief system shapes our attitude to friends and neighbors

It is right time to search your conscience and ask yourself

What do I really believe?

Whatever may be your beliefs, please enjoy yourself

because you may never pass this road again.


© Julius Babarinsa